The Family Effect helps to support vital Prevention Services at The Phoenix Center of Greenville.  The goal is clear:  combine education and enforcement to prevent, delay or reduce substance or alcohol abuse and its negative consequences.

Our Prevention Specialists deliver evidence-based programs and education to more than 20,000 people every year, and work to instill healthy beliefs and lifestyles in the community.  We tailor programs to the needs of schools, businesses, churches, and many other groups.  Our specialists work with people of all ages, and place a high priority on working with kids.

The Phoenix Center’s prevention programs use the Risk and Protective Model.  We identify and reduce risk factors that make an individual or community more likely to experience problems.  At the same time, we work to strengthen the protective factors that can help prevent individuals and communities from developing such problems.


The REACH Program (Renew, Encourage, Achieve, Challenge, and Heal) has been one of The Phoenix Center’s most successful community prevention programs.  REACH serves teenagers age 14- 19 who have been identified as highly at-risk for substance abuse and addiction.  We deliver a compelling, SAMHSA evidence-based curriculum that challenges our kids to overcome life’s problems in a healthy, empowering way.  

They attend a weekly group session, and grow together through monthly pet therapy, community service, and outdoor adventure. Since 2003, almost 400 young lives have been transformed through this unique and effective program.

Retail Enforcement

The Prevention Specialists at The Phoenix Center excel at making the community environment a safer place for kids at risk of addiction.  Since 2003, we have worked with local law enforcement to achieve a 63% reduction in the number of retail establishments selling alcohol and tobacco to minors.