Our Partners

Saving children and families is a mission that requires community-wide support, and one that delivers community-wide benefits.  The Family Effect is very grateful for the engagement of our local partners in this important work.

All-in Team Foundation

Founded by Clemson Head Football Coach Dabo Swinney and his wife Kathleen, the All-in Team Foundation works to raise awareness of critical health and education issues across South Carolina.  The All-in Team Foundation has been very generous to the mission of The Family Effect, and places special emphasis on the support of our women and children at Serenity Place.  The All-in Team's most recent investment in our mission will build two units of transitional housing, for families that successfully complete the program but need time to find a safe, permanent place to live.

Chris & Kelly's HOPE Foundation

Chris & Kelly's HOPE Foundation was founded by Steve Grant, our friend and Board member.  The Foundation provides funding and resources for programs that address addiction in teenagers and young adults.  Chris & Kelly's HOPE has been a highly valuable partner at The Academy, investing in the clinical power of our blue-ribbon program for teenage boys.  Visit Chris & Kelly's HOPE Fitness Park, located on the Swamp Rabbit Trail just north of Furman University.

Community Foundation of Greenville

The Community Foundation of Greenville provided a grant to The Family Effect to help create and launch our high-quality Volunteer Programs at Serenity Place and The Academy.

The Daniel-Mickel Foundation

The Daniel-Mickel Foundation is a valuable partner for The Family Effect, with a recent investment in our Fidelity Measures project.  This groundbreaking effort has resulted in new ways to measure - quantitatively - the effectiveness of our counselor-client interactions.  We're very grateful for their confidence in our work, and for the increased program effectiveness this project has made possible.

The Graham Foundation

The Graham Foundation has funded countless projects in Greenville County over the years.  Their impact is broad.  In 2014, the Foundation invested significantly in our project to increase treatment capacity for young children who have been delayed or traumatized by addiction in the home.

Greenville Women Giving

This amazing philanthropic organization is doing great things in our community.  In 2011, Greenville Women Giving provided a generous grant in partnership with the All-in Team Foundation, to fund a two-year clinical project with clinicians from Duke University Medical Center.  The project resulted in a treatment curriculum at Serenity Place that pushes the science forward in addiction treatment for young mothers and their children.  In 2014, Greenville Women Giving awarded their Grand Prize to The Family Effect, and our project to expand treatment capacity for children at Serenity Place.

Hands on Greenville 

For many years, United Way's Hands on Greenville has been providing a channel for volunteers at Serenity Place and other Phoenix Center programs.  We are very grateful for the time and generosity of spirit brought to the mission by our volunteers.  Click here to learn how you can become a volunteer yourself!

John I. Smith Charities

We were proud to attract the attention and investment of John I. Smith Charities in 2014.  They joined many others in helping to create the nation's most comprehensive treatment center for children living with addicted parents.

The Jolley Foundation

In 2014, The Jolley Foundation made a significant investment in our project to dramatically increase the number of children with access to therapeutic treatment at Serenity Place.

Reedy River Baptist Church 

The leadership and congregation of Reedy River Baptist Church are wonderful neighbors to our boys at The Academy.  The church provides gym facilities and other supports that we are very grateful to receive.

Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina

The Sisters of Charity Foundation works around the state to address the root causes of poverty.  They've invested significantly at Serenity Place, to help bring the Women & Children Succeeding (WACS) Program to our graduate mothers.  This program is a collaboration with Anderson Interfaith Ministries, the originator of the WACS program, and is changing the landscape for young, single mothers who want to go to college.

United Way of Greenville County 

We are very grateful for the support of The United Way of Greenville County.  Multi-year grants are helping to provide case management, outcomes tracking and parenting education in our key programs.  The United Way featured Serenity Place and one of our favorite graduates, Ginny, in their 2014 Campaign Video.