Volunteer Opportunities at The Shipman Center

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with the teens at The Shipman Center.  They’re personable young boys and girls who deserve and want your attention.

We’ve listed some of our popular volunteer opportunities below.  When you see something that appeals to you, click here and start making an impact.  If you have questions, or if you have an idea that isn’t shown here, please call Logan Coleman-Socia at (864) 420-6250. You can also send her an email

Skills & Services

Do you have a green thumb? Are you a woodworking enthusiast? Can you change a tire faster than a pit crew? Our teens love to learn new skills and probably never had a chance to learn the skills you can teach them. Make a difference in an hour! Get started.

Helping Hands

We need volunteers who can help with general maintenance projects like landscaping, ropes course cleanup, painting, and more. Projects vary throughout the year, so give us a call to see what our current needs are. Hands-on projects are a great way to get your family or group involved. Get started.

Provide a Special Meal

Our teens love home-cooked food, and nothing makes them happier than special dishes from the community. This is a great opportunity for church, corporate, or social groups.  Your group can plan and prepare a meal and serve it to the boys & girls at The Shipman Center. If your group is large, you can provide a meal for a family visitation day. You will see lots of happy, grateful smiles.  Get started.

Special Events

Who doesn’t enjoy a good party? Get together with some of your friends, coworkers, or neighbors and plan a great event for the teens at The Shipman Center! Some ideas include game nights, field days, and holiday parties. Get started.

Donation Drive

With teenage boys & girls at The Shipman Center, we are always in need of something, whether it's deodorant, jeans, or batteries -- check out our wish list here. Get your church, company, or school in on the fun and lead a drive to help us meet our needs.  Get started.

See something you like?  Click here and start making a difference.